Fireplace/Fire Pits

An outdoor fireplace in St. Louis serves as the architectural focal point for any area, naturally welcoming friends and family outdoors. Although the fireplace can support simple cooking, its primary purpose is social, creating visual and physical warmth for any gathering spot. Custom masonry features are built from the ground up. Firebox size, smoke shelf fabrication, flue sizing and chimney height are all important considerations when designing the fireplace. These features require more labor to construct than a fabricated kit but can accommodate any stone and allow the versatility to combine with water features, match the existing architecture, etc.

Another option to add a warm touch to your outdoor living space is a custom masonry fire pit. Our fire pits are handcrafted by our masons as well and can add just the right amount of ambiance and enjoyment to your space. We have worked with our team and created custom iron inserts for each fire pit to ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. We pay just as much attention to the detail of the fire pits creating the right one to set the tone and look of your outdoor living area.

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